Ready Mix 30 ml

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Ready Mix is a proprietary blend of USP grade Propylene Glycol and a Natural Emulsifier used in the flavor industry. Ready Mix holds flavor and is more stable than anything on the market today! Our ready mix is used to transform solid herbal extract into a flavored tincture. NOTE: Separation may occur if concentrates contain heavy amounts of plant waxes, lipids and/or chlorophyll. Winterized products work best.

Customer Reviews (2)

Extract solution original

Posted by Syrena on Mar 18th 2019
Great product and easy to use very smooth no burn I'm very happy with it .


Posted by Danny Martinez on Jan 14th 2018
Works great with bho and you can taste the concentrate but do not I repeat do not use with rosin but to b honest it says not to so yes it does what it's supposed to much better then holy terps pure tasted awful I would rather dilute my product a tad more then for it to taste like flowers.
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