Ready Mix 60 ml

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Ready Mix is a proprietary blend of USP grade Propylene Glycol and a Natural Emulsifier used in the flavor industry. Ready Mix holds flavor and is more stable than anything on the market today! Our ready mix is used to transform solid herbal extract into a flavored tincture. NOTE: Separation may occur if concentrates contain heavy amounts of plant waxes, lipids and/or chlorophyll. Winterized products work best.

Customer Reviews (6)

60ml original

Posted by Charles on Oct 20th 2018
I have tried a few "liquidizers" and this is by far the best thinner for my rosin on the market,no separation and the flavor of my product really shines through.


Posted by Joe on Mar 29th 2018
Awesome product, I won't use anything else.

Ready mix 60 ml Strawberry

Posted by Dale on Mar 19th 2018
So far I am very pleased with the products I have got from Extract Solutions. I wish everyu company that make clams works as good as these.

Really good stuff

Posted by James m on Mar 19th 2018
Mixes really well with concentrates, does not separate at all like pg does, i got the original flavor and its very clean. Will be buying more in the future.

Ready mix 60 ml

Posted by Dale on Mar 9th 2018
I have been looking for something like this for a couple yrs now and have spent $100's on other products that says they work but was always disappointed but not with Extract Solutions Ready Mix it works the first time and every time so far

Great product

Posted by Frank on Feb 3rd 2018
Honestly when it comes to extract Solutions Ready Mix I just won't use anything else. The Taste is better than anything I've used. The consistency is terrific. For my uses the end product is always perfect and it's due to Ready Mix.
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